Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Contact City Council to Save Door to Door Mail Delivery

Please consider writing to the Mayor and to the members of the Civic Works Committee:

Matt Brown mayor@london.ca
Tanya Park tpark@london.ca,
Harold Usher husher@london.ca,
Virginia Ridley vridley@london.ca,
Jesse Helmer jhelmer@london.ca,
Michael Van Holst mvanholst@london.ca

(Write your own message or add to the one below. Cut and paste to your email)
 Dear  City Councillors and Mayor Brown 
Please  ensure that Canada Post continue my door to door delivery. It is a good service and provides good jobs in London. My household does not  want increased municipal taxes downloaded by the feds along with the litter, graffiti, theft and eyesore that these boxes bring. Who will shovel the snow and clear the garbage?  These boxes are frequently broken in to. What about safety , particularly at night? Have you considered traffic flow and the loitering in front of residences that will inevitably occur.? Will small business owners be happy to see their flyers blowing around on the ground?  How many more good jobs will vanish from London?
The post office does not belong to Ottawa. It is a national institution and a mainstay of our community and contributes to the local economy. It belongs to all of us and it is successful. Don’t be fooled by want is an attempt to download  burden onto Londoners both through increased property Taxes and the accompanying decline in property values that will happen when one of these goes in front of your house?
Yours truly (name here)
Full contact details for City Councillors here If you call, try to make the following points:
1) Stop the service cuts now!
2) To hold a full community public participation process for all the designated sites and provide adequate advance notice for this purpose. 
3) Ensure a full cost accounting of budget items arising from this download to the city.
4) Invite adequate input from groups such as seniors and people with disabilities.

Please contact Londoners for Door to Door at: <people4door2door@gmail.com>

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